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Continuity Services

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Storm's Business Interruption Protection Services (BIPs) are a range of Real Time Replication and Recovery Services that Mitigate the risk of lost data and system downtime caused by problems or disasters affecting your critical IT systems.

In the modern business environment, a combination of regulation, legislation and a realisation that downtime can inconvenience both employees and customers alike has motivated many organisations to investigate how to best implement Business Continuity Systems and an effective disaster recovery plan.

Organisations can rarely tolerate even a short period of down-time to their critical systems, so solutions that require manually restoring backups or moving to a bespoke disaster recovery site are often considered to be undesirable. Companies in today’s world are looking for a continuity solution that will protect them from all forms of system loss and outages, not just the major events that traditional business continuity plans and disaster recovery arrangements have addressed.

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