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Server and Storage Solutions



Customers using older generation servers may not be aware of the incredible savings which can be made by moving over to current technology. For example, single core xeon processors were not capable of being 100% utilised and could not be virtualised. Today quad or hex core processors could provide a consolidation ratio of 12 older models to 1 new model via virtualisation. Storm’s Solutions Group can help you to make massive savings in both power, management and deployment migrating from previous generations to current. Storm’s solutions team can also help you unlock the capabilities of your servers through education around the management software typically provided free of charge with most servers as standard.

Thinking about virtualising but no idea where to start? The Solutions Group can provide you a capacity planning report which will highlight what can be virtualised, cost savings, workloads, utilisation audit and this report can be used to provide Solutions Designs for your virtualisation architecture.

Running out of rack space? Power into your data centre reaching its limit? Time to deploy or decommission a server proving costly to the business?

With a Blade solution, you can:

  • Deploy new servers or migrate failing servers over within minutes
  • With dynamic power capping and shared power supplies you can reduce the power requirements for up to 16 servers by 50%
  • Using only 10u, you can fit up to 16 servers, switches and storage options, and reduce your cable count by 75%
  • Storm can provide a return on investment / TCO guide to show how much you can save moving from traditional rackmount to blade infrastructure.

Organisations have traditionally viewed growing data storage requirements from a hardware perspective; simply adding additional servers with larger internal disks, or adding shelves onto basic function storage arrays, as the number of applications and amount of data grows. However, a higher level Storage Area Network (SAN) solution places the majority of the disk storage in a more easily manageable single array system, allowing backup, replication, migration and provisioning to be become much simpler. It provides more scalability for the future so as your data grows, no forklift upgrades may be necessary.

Storm will help you identify the best solution to improve your current Storage pain points and to ensure that as your business grows; increasing your storage will be simple and cost effective. 

By discussing your needs beforehand, we can plan, design and build your servers and storage to ensure your solution is future proof. Whatever you are trying to achieve, resilient backup systems or enhanced data security, we work with you to deliver a workable solution.

To speak to a dedicated consultant and find out more about servers and storage or any of the other solutions Storm offers call 01923 801080 or email