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Blended Working

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”

Since March 2020, remote working has become business-as-usual, to the
point where only 12% of employees wish to return to the office full-time.

With more time to spend with their families and no morning commute, 38% of
workers say they are happier now compared to before the pandemic.

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/blendedworking


Ransomware and security are topics that have massively shot up the boardroom agenda because of remote working - and for good reason.

Despite nearly three-quarters (72%) of homeworkers saying they need to access, share and receive sensitive customer information to do their job, a quarter claim they ‘rarely or never’ consider data protection issues when sharing information. While 42% of IT and information security professionals report they simply don’t know how to defend against cyberattacks aimed at remote workers.

Cybercriminals are clearly praying on the security vulnerabilities of remote workers. But with V11, your data isn't just backed up and available, it’s secure too.

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/veeam 

Virtual Assistants

Watching Iron Man over Easter, I marveled at how great it would be to give each of our customers a J.A.R.V.I.S.. Can you imagine how amazing that would be - your very own AI-powered ‘butler’. It would be like having an additional support person who is capable of fixing your suit while you're flying…and without needing to keep a distance of two-meters.

Well with Juniper’s Mist AI Networks, that’s now possible - only it’s called ‘Marvis'!

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/virtualassistants 

Data Backups

The rise of home working, the always-on business and an increase in cybercrime has brought backup and data availability to the forefront of IT infrastructure planning. IT is the backbone of every business so you need to be confident that if you encounter any unplanned downtime, your backup is guaranteed.

Take Black Friday as an example. Every year the event gets bigger - last year saw an increase of 21.6% in online sales - and every year many retailers see their websites buckle under the pressure. For one company, the outage cost them $775,000 in sales, on top of upsetting 323,000 customers.

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/backedupdata 



What’s the top priority for your business right now? Unless your industry has come through the pandemic unscathed, it’s likely to be cashflow. According to the British Chamber of Commerce, 61% of firms have seen their revenue from UK customers fall in the past three months. At the same time, companies are operating at c.57% of capacity versus a pre-pandemic position of 75-80%. So, does this mean we need to tighten our purse strings? Not necessarily – I think we just need to tie them a little different!

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/weathering 


Back in October we started planning for the New Year, just ahead of lockdown 2. Like many of our customers, we were cautious about what 2021 had instore. But choosing to focus on delivering blended working – a mix of being remote and office-based – meant that regardless of what happened next, we were prepared.

But as remote working moves from a temporary fix to a permanent working practice for many, we’re finding that many of our customers are prioritising how to enable some key capabilities to deliver on the needs of a mobile workforce.

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/vmware 

Turning A Page

If there’s one thing that will stick with me about conversations with customers in 2020, it’s how we shifted from what organisations might want for the future to what they fundamentally need to secure business continuity.

Today, I’m going to outline a five-step approach that we’ve put together based on our experiences of remote working, and how we’ve helped our customers successfully transition, that I think will help you get 2021 off to a positive start.

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/turningapage 



I’m approaching my 10-year anniversary of working in the tech industry – a decade focused on servers and storage. But this is not a post on what I’ve learned about ‘speeds and feeds’, it’s about how, above all else, you need to be able to keep up with the changing landscape of what customers need – and help them to react in a way that supports their goals.

Publication: https://issuu.com/storm-technologies/docs/whirlwind 

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