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Networking and Security


Keeping Your Business Secure.

We have over 15 years of experience in providing high-quality networking and security solutions for our customers, allowing them to grow faster, move quicker and continually adapt to the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Our networking team will ensure that you and your business adapt to these new challenges and continue to benefit from the latest innovations in networking and security technologies. We have strategically aligned ourselves with best-of-breed vendors to ensure we are providing you with solutions which fit every unique need.


What should you be looking at?

The world of networking and security is now approaching a new age. The challenges that we are now solving for our customers include:


Number of end-user devices: An explosion in the amount of end-user devices

Transition to the modern network: The death of the traditional network perimeter

Increased security attacks: More versatile and targeted threats

Network availability: An increased reliance on the availability of the network

Demand for infrastructure: Hybrid physical-cloud infrastructure.


What Storm's Networking & Security team offers:

Initial Discovery Call

We provide an initial discovery call to understand your business challenges and ongoing strategy


Our team will evaluate your infrastructure to identify the most suitable solution for you

Consultation Meeting

There will be a consultation meeting with the chosen vendor to ensure a perfect fit

Professional Services Team

Once requirements have been met, a thorough handover will be given to our professional services team to ensure continuity in delivery and deployment

Additional Training

Once deployed, you will receive full training as well as any ongoing support required


Silver Reseller


Premier Partner


Platinum Partner

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