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Why Storm and HP?
HP and Storm Technologies’ partnership has gone from strength to strength over the past 20 years. Our dedication to HP technology, and knowledge of their products and services, is echoed in our status as an HP Amplify Power Partner.

As one of HP’s largest UK partners, we share a common goal of providing the best levels of service to our customers. This means direct access to HP’s full suite of tools including pricing, technical support, and executive sponsorship.

Our experienced and highly-skilled team work closely with HP to combine their ground-breaking technology with our wider portfolio of partner products and services, allowing organisations to maximise value from their infrastructure and deploy future proofed solutions best suited to their business environment.


HP Amplify Power Partner
Today’s customers are less concerned with price and more focused on experiences and outcomes. They want to get the most from their technology investments. They demand vendors and partners that can deliver better results through superior products, services, enablement, and support.

HP Amplify was created to help partners meet these expectations; to move from product-focused transactional relationships to solutions-driven, outcome-based engagements. HP Amplify rests on three core pillars: Capabilities combine technical expertise and operational competencies that guarantee successful customer engagements.

Collaboration brings together shared intelligence and joint planning to ensure we remain aligned with dynamic customer expectations. Performance blossoms as we achieve our mutual goals.

By focusing on HP Amplify’s three pillars, we will provide our customers with the products and services they expect and deserve. Together, we will create better outcomes for our customers – now and into the future.
HP Education
For HP Education Edition products with enhanced capabilities for the classroom please click on the button below.
As cybercriminals target endpoints in the evolving workplace, HP Wolf Security safeguards your people and your businesses with always-on, always watching, hardware-enforced protection. We stay vigilant so you can keep working—anytime and anywhere.
A new breed of
endpoint security1
Cybercriminals are more sophisticated, organised, and determined than ever, and
they have their sights set on your endpoints. Ensure you and your team stay protected
with HP Wolf Security for Business.
Defence against
known and
unknown threats
From self-healing firmware and in-memory breach detection, to threat containment via isolation, HP Wolf Security reduces the addressable attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks.
HP Wolf Security for Business2 includes a portfolio
of security solutions that are built into the
hardware. We equip you with a secure foundation
that puts protection first.
  • • Application Isolation
  • • Firmware security and resiliency
  • • Application persistence
  • • Next-Gen Antivirus
  • • Built in privacy screen
  • • OS resiliency
  • • Firmware Administration
  • • Hardware root of trust
Establish our first line of defence
Download the white paper & data sheet to get into the detail:
HP Wolf Pro
Security Edition
Advanced Security
for Endpoints
Technical Whitepaper
HP Wolf Pro
Security Edition
Virtualisation & Deep Learning
AI Security for SMB Environments


Contact the team today
to explore the range of HP Wolf Security Edition PCs

+44 (0) 1923 801080


1. HP Security is now HP Wolf Security. Security features vary by platform, please see product data sheet for details.
2. HP Wolf Security for Business requires Windows 10, includes various HP security features and is available on HP
Pro, Elite and Workstation products. See product details for included security features and OS requirements.

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