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Matt Gamage

Sales Manager - New Business 

'I started working at Storm as a New Business Executive in 2012. After 5 years in the Sales Team I got the opportunity to move into a leadership role within the New Business Team. I now jointly manage a team of sales representatives focussed on fostering new relationships and generating new business for Storm. The best thing about Storm for me is the people and the working environment they create.''


Simon Burgess

Senior Account Manager 

''I joined Storm in 2002 when the company was still relatively small. I could immediately see that Storm was growing incredibly quickly and that it seemed a great place to work. During the subsequent eighteen years Storm has changed enormously going from twelve employees up to its current 180+ with revenues of £115m but has managed to keep its small company challenger feel. Everyone in the company no matter what their role, is on first-name terms and there’s a camaraderie I haven’t seen elsewhere. What I believe makes Storm different is that although we ship thousands of products all around the world each week we have the structure to react quickly with a can-do attitude. This is what has enabled Storm to go grow and provide the agile services that we do. I’ve had a great time working for Storm, moving from an account manager bringing on new business to managing a team looking after some of our largest enterprise customers. I  have met some great people and look forward to another eighteen years at Storm!''


Lucy Drinkwater 

Solutions Manager

''I joined Storm on the 4th July 2011 with no previous IT or software knowledge so it was a daunting prospect, coming into an established team to help support them and help grow that business. The training and support I received was fantastic and without that initial grounding, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. I have held a few different positions within Storm but all within the Solutions division. I started as Software Licensing Support, to Software Licensing Specialist, to Software Licensing Manager and now to Solutions Manager. None of this career progression would have been possible without support from my teams and the Storm Management team. 

As with any role, it doesn’t come without its challenges or difficult points but these are certainly outweighed but the great work environment and the people I work with.  I look forward to many more years at Storm and I am excited to see what the future holds.''


Nina Peutherer

Senior Account Manager 

''I joined Storm in 2006 as an Account Manager, I am so proud to be part of the Storm family, as, for me, it is all about the people. I have worked with some of the best people in the industry over my years at Storm, who I am proud to call my friends. We work hard to provide our clients with reliable & sustainable service & the reason that my clients have stayed with me for so long, is because of the flexibility that Storm gives me to exceed their expectations and grow together. I love the fun, yet driven ethos of Storm and I am proud to be part of its continued success.''


Jay Desai 

Senior Account Manager 

''I've been working at Storm for 12 ½ years now, as a Senior Account Manager.  I can honestly say, the time has absolutely flown by, and that’s a testament, to the people I work with and the working culture here.  We work very hard, but also have a great team ethic here between the different departments.  As cliché as it sounds, its like a family here.  Never has the saying “work hard, play hard” been more apt.  I look forward to my next 12 years, just hope it doesn’t go as fast!''


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