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Value-Added Services


FREE of charge Value Added Services.

You can use as many of these Free Value-Added Services as you see necessary for your business.


Our FREE Value Added Services could include in-house configuration, warehouse facilities and support call logging, which are all carried out by our qualified staff. See our Value-Adds below:

Pre-Delivery Configuration

Pre-delivery Configuration Servers, desktops, notebooks and mobile devices can all have their hardware configured by our technical team prior to shipment. By pre-installing any system add-ons, we can save you a significant amount of time and space. This will reduce the amount of dead on arrival (DOA) equipment and manufacturer returns. We will also remove and dispose of any extra packaging.

Pre-Delivery Testing

While fast delivery times are essential, sometimes ensuring that new equipment will not be DOA is even more so; especially if you are scheduling engineers to attend site in order to install new hardware. We will carry out pre-delivery burn testing for a specified time period should you require this service. Whilst we cannot guarantee that the hardware will not fail, if it does fail on our test bench it saves you the cost of sending staff to remote locations.

Pre-Delivery Imaging

Imaging a standard desktop or laptop takes approximately 20 minutes. The time saved can help reduce the turn-around time to your end user. The same service applies with servers. By releasing your engineers from carrying out the routine task of building server software images, they are then able to focus on other valuable tasks. We can also help you create and maintain your images. We will store them for you on our secure network and drop them using our dedicated, resilient build infrastructure.

Asset Barcode Labelling

We can design, supply and place asset labels on your equipment prior to shipment. Our asset management database can capture the data you need and provide it in any format you require. Information such as the serial number, your PO and the asset number can be accessed and downloaded via our account tracking portal.

Product Labelling

Sometimes the simplest of things save the most time and effort. Booking in equipment is a dull task, but one that is essential to control stock inventory and help you with asset management. By adding product labels with serial and asset numbers on the outside of packaging, booking in and monitoring assets within your organisation is made easy.

Support Call Logging

We can take the hassle out of logging a support call with vendors by doing this for you. Our ITIL compliant Service Desk is at the heart of our service organisation. It is staffed from 8.30am to 5.30pm on normal business days by 1st to 4th line helpdesk staff. Once a call is logged we will endeavour to respond promptly with our findings. You can also log support calls via email and through our website.

Warehouse Facilities

We appreciate that at times you may need to purchase extra stock or a large volume of hardware. Our new Logistics Centre has doubled in size with over 1500m2 of warehousing, so we are able to hold a lot more stock in a safe and secure environment. We employ a dedicated team of warehouse operatives to ensure all logistics and storage is fully managed and monitored, providing you peace of mind with out of hours CCTV so even when our employees aren’t around, your hardware is being looked after.

Dedicated Account Manager

With us, you have your own dedicated professional Account Manager and access to a comprehensive support team, however, if you prefer you can take advantage of our real time, bespoke portal.

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