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Streamline your IT purchases with OnePortal

OnePortal is our procurement portal, designed to simplify your purchasing tasks with its intuitive and smart services, helping you save time and money.


Smart Services that respond to your purchasing 

OnePortal was developed to tend to each of our customer's needs. It utilises smart technology to track your purchasing, and present products and bundles tailored to you. It's feature-rich and yet very simple to use, making your business with us even more comfortable.

Registration is simple. Want to know more? Call us on 01923 801080 today to find out how OnePortal can benefit you. 


Key Features: 

Place Orders

Build up your order using your bespoke price list and bundles and let our automated system take care of the rest

Get A Quote

It's just as easy to request a quote through OnePortal with its innovative Stock Search feature showcasing over 1.4 million products 

View History

Use OnePortal to browse your entire purchase history. We've included a new TimeLine view, allowing you to track in real-time what is happening with your quotes, orders, invoices, delivery notes and returns, producing real-time KPI indicators 

Browse Reports

We've enhanced OnePortal's customer reporting where data is analysed into the following; Spend By Month, Top 10 Products, Categories & Manufacturers, Invoice Reports and many more

Get Support

OnePortal allows you to track and raise incident logs on your hardware and service desk

Request a Return

Returning a product is now extremely simple. OnePortal provides a quick and easy wizard that allows you to browse through all the products you have received and request a return online. 

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